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Cochran wins video category in Gannet's third-quarter Awards of Excellence

Nov. 3, 2015 - click here for full results



This category recognizes great storytelling, which could range from breaking news to features to mini-documentaries. Also weighed are technical aspects of the video, including sound, lighting and editing choices. This category is not just the province of video specialists with high-end gear; reporters could produce videos on their iPhones can create compelling video storytelling too.


The Cincinnati Enquirer (Winner) 

Carrie Cochran, photographer


For amazing access, excellent technique and sensitive execution, Carrie Cochran's videos were gripping from beginning to end. Carrie follows a middle-aged man with terminal cancer through his last two years — yes, years — of life. 


Judges said: What leapt from the screen was how Cochran's video storytelling clearly portrayed the personalities of the dying man and both the mother and father in the adoption video. She did the ultimate and made her audience feel they actually knew these individuals.


To see the work:


Eli comes to America, a.k.a. 'Hannah gets a new big brother':


My way to die: 'Yes, I'm dying. But so are you.':

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